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je t’aime.

Your lips come to rest
gently atop mine
and I feel the words
I Love You
simmering beneath their surface.
You speak them
and touching as they are,
my lips like marionettes
are moved in time
with each syllable.
Your declaration
becomes my proclamation
without me ever
having uttered
a sound.

Chasers of the light – poems from the typewriter series.
~Tyler Knott Gregson

baby on the way.

Chris and Kelly are giddy about the pending arrival of their baby boy. It shows.
Isn’t there something magical about having a baby around the holidays?

hold me tight.

unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense… ~e.e. cummings


here comes the sun.

last week, i got together with Ashley of Lions Lace Lattes again.
she is a local fashion blogger and wanted some shots of a beautiful
new floral kimono by Lauren Yuriko.

the sun was beautiful that afternoon, the first taste of Spring.

remembering my tiny ones…

…back in 2012.

…stay tuned for more new photos coming soon. Hope you’re enjoying the summer! ~clickingpretty

F o l l o w   M e
S e a r c h