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this blog turns two.

…on Saturday, August 3, 2013.

I think about it’s beginning and I think about where I want it to go, a lot.

At the beginning, I felt pretty naked doing this. I worried what others would
think, or that my work wouldn’t be up to snuff for a whole blog… lots of jitters.
But now it feels like a part of me.

This is a place I go when everything else feels out of sorts. Kind of like a true
north. …ahem, July has been busy at clicking pretty, I know…

Last year, Stephen brought an ice cream cake to celebrate clicking pretty turning
one. That was pretty sweet, he’s thoughtful like that. To celebrate this year, I
decided to look back at the past year and pick my favorite photo/post.

Hands down, it was Two. If I had to pick just one photo (I edit these as a set), it would be this one:

…why? Easy. Photos are as much about the viewer as they are about the person
behind the lens. The subjects come and go, but the viewer and the photographer
are always apart of every single shot. They are apart of how it all feels in that
moment when you look and see what has been captured. Serendipity.

Obviously, I did not take this photo. However, out of all of the photos
with me and my girls (there are very few as I’m usually holding the camera), these
shots hit right at the pit of my stomach with emotion. When I am old and grey
and looking at these I will most certainly feel this same twinge.

The photographer (Stephen) has captured something that brings a tear to my eye. I
don’t think anyone I have ever known has captured us quite like this. These girls are
my heart, and here you can see it. Thank you Stephen.

On to the next year ahead…lots of ideas swirling. Not sure right now what it will bring
for me personally, but progress is certainly a guarantee.  Thank you for the 6,692 views these past
two years. If you have a favorite photo you’d like to share, send it my way. I’d love to see it.

Hope you can stick around for what’s to come.

~Lorie  xo

the drive.

Sadie and I ventured down to Montana last weekend.

Sometimes the drive is just as fun as the destination, but
we were anxious to get there to see our friends. We didn’t
stop much on the way there, but couldn’t resist a few

Lots more to come, but here’s a few quick snaps heading



a few summer excursions under our belts. belated posting.

the first, back in May, to central Alberta for a picnic and
a dinosaur tour with a good friend. although long drives
can sometimes make little girls (and adults) weary, there’s
always a lil shadow following a big sister, some blue skies
and big puffy clouds, an ice cream cone and a thirst for
exploring that makes everyone smile.

the self.


a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others,
esp. considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

nooks and crannies.

…it’s only when you look at all the parts that you start to
appreciate the good. and maybe even find beauty in the

F o l l o w   M e
S e a r c h