Monthly Archives: January 2012

the after life.

i used to work right beside a cemetery. on warm sunny days,
i often went for walks along the graves, up and down the hills,
in the quiet calm surrounding those that have gone before us. i
decided to bring my camera along one day and used a soft
focus lens, feeling like it was all fairly surreal.



emy turns one.

We don’t remember a lot of our own firsts – our first words or steps, our
first smile or happy thought. The first time we felt loved. Or our first
birthdays with presents and cake and candles galore. That’s what
makes the camera such a magical thing. Little Emy’s first birthday was
a special day to all that love her. Here are just some of the moments
to be saved so she can look at them when she’s older and smile…

F o l l o w   M e
S e a r c h