Yearly Archives: 2012

day at the market.

i must be missing summer, what with winter all around us. i can feel
the sun in these shots and am already planning to spend more time
here next year.



a night to remember.

food, wine, people, history. a beautiful setting. gorgeous light.

winter city.

“how like a winter hath my absence been
from thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year!”

~sonnet 97


after a short hiatus, i’m back.
..stay tuned, lots to come..





one last look.

here are the remaining shots of my walk through chinatown. the street festival i shot
is still to come, where some of these sights come alive with people, art, performers
and culture. i’m not sure which I’ll prefer in the end – the stoic quiet streets on a
bright weekday morning with just me and my camera in comfort and calm, or the chaos
of 40,000 people at a festival.

those will come later, though, as i take a hiatus from this neighbourhood and post more
from the summer, including a beautiful mountain wedding I am in the midst of editing,
amongst other things…

more chinatown.

…the second in a series on Calgary’s Chinatown.

Did you know that it is the second oldest Chinatown
in North America and that in 2010 it celebrated the
100th anniversary of its permanent settlement here?


F o l l o w   M e
S e a r c h