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east village randoms. (part ii)

Part two of this photo walk took us further south and around the parts
of east village that are still standing. There’s lots of character here
and its hard to tell what will remain once the neighbourhood has been
‘Calgary-ified’ (ie. out with the old, in with the new). The part I am
most interested in is how they will incorporate the old King Edward
Blues Bar and Hotel into the new Cantos Music Foundation. I believe
the plan is to actually preserve the King Eddy, which is great. I wish
Calgary did more of that…


east village randoms. (part I)

This summer I took a photo walk with some friends through the east village. It’s mostly
empty, but I had some fun with perspective, sunsets, old buildings, random new things,
and old junk. I will have to go back when it is completely redeveloped and shoot it again
for comparison. There was so much to shoot, I had to make this post a two-parter.





vintage junk cars.

These old beauties are a treat to shoot. Lots of rust, big retro
decals, bright colors, and perfectly rounded, soft edges. Not
to mention the fun I had crawling through barbed wire fence
in the rain to get some of these shots…






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